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Ageing is easy to stop

Blissful Supplements - in simple terms - specialises in anti ageing and health restoring methods. This particular section is about restoring neurotransmitter function (brain hormones that affect the way we feel) and methods for working on reversing ageing.

The company is based on the owners research into factors that affect, depression and anxiety and the methods in which restore happiness and contentment. Also, along the way, it was realised how ageing is a terrible affliction, and thus we it was studied and therefore concluded it is easy to stop or slow down.

We feel that ageing is a mistake, and with the correct knowledge it is easy to stop and reverse. Some of the main factors that affect ageing are: junk food, enviromental toxins, low levels of anti oxdiants, DNA mutations and telomere shortening. Here we will address why these affect ageing, and what can be done.

Junk food is a cause of ageing for many reasons. Junk food is usually highly heated, and when foods are heated above certain temperatures the substances in these foods become toxic. For example, proteins above certain temperatures turn carcinogenic, which can lead to mutation in DNA and thus cancer, or incorrect cell fuction. Further more, heated fats are loaded with free radicals, which can lead to increased cell damage, and telomere damage.

Our Research:

We have identified 3 main neurotransmitter supplements that can be used as supplements, and which are precursers to neurotransmitters. These are:

Phenylethylamine - The love neurotransmitter

5HTP - Works on serotonin (calmness, confidence)

L-Dopa - Works on dopamine (movements, coordination)

Once these have been restored to correct levels, and the body is detoxed - along with raw foods being consumed correctly - neurotransmitter supplements should not be needed. Our main focus currently is on the subject of ageing.

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