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Astragalus - Astragaloside 4

Astragloside 4 is our favourite herb extract of all time, in terms of anti aging.

Orginally we wrote a massive article about the extract. However, due to one company hogging all the rights, this information we wish to tell you, may never be known fully by the world (however we do understand the highly competitive nature, and that someone else would of done anyway). Sure, credit must be given to the company for finding this out, however, to be able to claim to be the inventors is insane, discoverers maybe, inventors, not. That would be like me going to another planet, undiscovered, and saying I invented the planet, when it was there all along.

Clearly, when it comes nature, no patents should be allowed at all, since Earth created these things millions of years ago, so we cannot claim to be the inventors of anything nature in truth. Please note that the following information is for information purpose only - it is not intended to treat or cure any disease, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. If you decide to take the information on board that is your choice, but we advise you to conduct your own research into any information. Before making any health changes it is advisable to consult your doctor, however he may be full of s**t.