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Phenylethylamine - The Love Amino Acid

Phenylethylamine is known as the Love Neurotransmitter or Amino Acid. When we are in love the brain releases PEA (which has been broken down by enzymes from food, and that is what this description is referring to here on in) into the central nervous system, leading to feelings of love (also being in love stimulates the dopamine centres in the brain).

PEA is normally made from the amino acid phenylalanine (found in coca cola) in the human body, but those who have digestion issues and poor diet may find this works better - I recommend get PEA from diet mainly and not rely on supplements. Taking PEA may not have the effect of feeling in love and exhilaration that being in love makes us feel.

Let me explain!: There is a enzyme called mono anime oxidise (MAO in short) (two versions - A and B), these enzymes breakdown certain monoamines or "feelings" once they have been released from our brains to prevent too much of these things building up, and thus leading to other problems, like over stimulation (too much dopamine), too much relaxation (serotonin) and the feeling of not wanting to eat food because we feel too contented (i.e. the brain makes us feel more peaceful and happy after we have had a good meal to encourage us to eat well and make our bodies healthy, if we feel too good we may not want to eat).

The particular enzyme MOAB breaks down the neurotransmitters PEA, dopamine, adrenaline and some other trace amines, so therefore taking this product would not have much effect due to it being destroyed by this enzyme. But, there is a way around this: There are certain MAO inhibitors in life that stop the breakdown of MAO for a short duration of time, and therefore increase levels neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. So if these are taken together with the PEA it should allow more to enter into the brain and then affect the way we feel Other interesting information about PEA PEA is found in cacao and cheese, according to my research, and is linked to why cacao is such a good mood booster. I’m sure you have heard that when people split from their lovers they often turn to chocolate in a bid to boost mood. Could it be that their brains know that cacao and PEA will recreate the feelings love of that they miss? Low levels of PEA are found in persons with attention deficit disorder.

According to this study PEA is very effective in treating depression, (888) scroogle Many illegal street drugs are called phenylethylamines. These are illegal, but phenylethylamine is not in the same category. I rang the home office in the UK to confirm this. Phenylethylamine is the molecule that is found in amphetamine and is responsible for the effects within the brain, although amphetamine comes with its own neuro-toxic problems, it seems that PEA doesn't. Side Effects and Recommended Dosages When taking PEA we need to be careful not too take much.

We have found (after 3 years of selling, we were the first company to sell in the UK) using PEA whilst eating food may reduce the effects and make them more spread out, also, if you eat processed foods, it is unlikely to be digested – the goes with most supplements, as processed food creates mucus linings within the colon.

Taking PEA may be more ideal for the weekend when we socialise and listen to music. Here are some reported results (these side affects are for a particular person and are not referring to actual side effects) please keep in mind all the above information about MAOB inhibitation.

Without a MOAB inhibitor, the effect is reduced:

· Faster movements
· Talking a lot
· A very bizarre "whoosh" feeling
· High blood pressure
· Bowel movements (we have found, it has the same way as vitamin c in terms of liquidifying mucus)
· Serious acidity (3 gram doses)

During the trial period, I experienced weight loss, faster heartbeat, rapid movements, fidgetiness, gurning and a rushy feeling. Higher doses 300mg+ consistently led to heightened sexual arousal. There may be risk of wanting to do it more, so you should have break every 3 days. Once you have taken once, and felt the effect, it is likely some has crossed the blood brain barrier and stored at the neurotransmitter receptors, this would be why the effects are noted for longer than one day, and why we now recommend (and also because of the point below) to have 3 day breaks. However, if the dose is too high, and one consumes too much, it would eventually cause dopamine downreg. I speculate that this is because elevated levels, would cause increases in MAOB enzymes, which would degrade dopamine faster. Also, should you choose to take more than recommended, you need to increase mineral intake as this would deplete alkaline minerals due to the acidity. However, never take more than the RDA of most minerals, as this is dangerous, for example, magnesium over 1 gram is very dangerous.